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Bogus Trivia on the Moon

Bogus Distribution:

If you are interested in distribution of BogusTrivia: We're looking for well-established coin and amusement machine dealers and distributors to represent and market BogusTrivia systems. Do you have what it takes? We expect technical competence, industry experience, financial stability and a Nordstrom-like customer service attitude. We'll provide complete system installation and technical training either here at our factory or at your location. If you're interested in representing us, please forward appropriate information on your company to:
Dealer Relations
BogusTrivia Ltd.
P.O. Box 1130
Mt. Angel, OR 97362-1130
or via fax to 503-873-69-43.

BogusTrivia from Abiqua International - P.O. Box 1130 - Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362 - Phone 503-873-4181