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BogusTrivia Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is BogusTrivia?
    BogusTrivia is a single- or multi-player, coin operated Trivia contest of skill and knowledge.

  2. How many people can play?
    From a single player to one person (or team) per game terminal may play.

  3. How does the game work?
    The game system sequentially shows 4 Trivia answers and then a question on a big screen viewable by all players.

    After all 4 answers and the question are displayed, players may select their choice of the correct answer by inserting a coin and pressing their terminal button corresponding to their answer choice.

    After a period of time, the terminal answer buttons are 'frozen' and the big screen displays the correct answer.

    The system evaluates the players' answers and the time they answered, and rewards the First, Second and Third Place correct answers with Skill Points. The results are displayed on the big screen.

    The points are distributed to the Players and the cycle repeats.

    Accumulated points may (optionally) be redeemed for additional game play or merchandise credit at the establishment.

  4. Why is it called "Bogus" Trivia?
    Although we show 4 answers and a Question, there are FIVE selection buttons on the game terminals. The correct answer may not be shown on the screen, in which case the successful player would select the 'X-BOGUS' button to indicate the answer is 'None of the Above".

  5. How many questions are in the game?
    The BogusTrivia system comes with over 70,000 Trivia questions, plus over 100,000 simple arithmetic problems. Updates to the question database are available at a small cost as they are released.

  6. Can we add our own questions to BogusTrivia?
    Yes! Each system has a menu option to add your own location-specific questions and answers to make game play more interesting. You write your own questions! You can feature local history, geography, local high-school and college sports teams or even your favorite customers in BogusTrivia questions. BogusTrivia players get a big kick out of seeing their friends and neighbors (and even themselves) featured in BogusTrivia games. These local questions are 'location specific' and are not shared among other BogusTrivia game systems.

  7. Is there a scoreboard or 'high game' feature?
    Yes. Players may enter their names into the system through an 'alternate mode' of their terminal buttons. Both current high game leaders and 'Last 30 Day High Scores" are displayed on the system.

  8. How are the prizes calculated?
    Each round, the player 'prize pot' is divided among the First, Second and Third Place correct answers. If fewer than 3 players select the correct answer the total pot is divided among the players who select the correct answer.

  9. What happens if only one person is playing?
    If only a single player is playing a round, correct answers are rewarded with more than the entry fee for that round. For example, if the system is set for 25 points per round, a single player will win 30 points for a correct answer.

  10. So, how does a system owner make a profit?
    If the system is operating in "Amusement Only" mode, then all the cash goes to the operator, just like any other coin amusement game.

    If the system is operating as a "Redemption Game" then the situation changes slightly. If more than one person is playing, the total prize pot is 10% less than the total entry fees each round. This 10% 'holdback' is part of the system operator's profit. In addition, if there are no correct answer selections, the entire 'player pot' is held back for the owner. This covers any excess payouts for the 'single player' mode. In addition, since the payouts are quite modest, a lot of the points won are played back into the system. Typically, the payout is approximately 50% of the gross receipts.

  11. Is the 'holdback' percentage adjustable?
    Yes. Although our preset 10% holdback provides good play for the participants and profitable operation for the system operator, some locations may justify higher or lower percentages. The holdback is adjustable in the range of 5% to 50%.

  12. Is BogusTrivia considered gambling?
    The short answer is "NO, BogusTrivia is not Gambling."

  13. OK, what's the long answer?
    First of all, if the game is operating in "Amusement Only" mode the points won are not redeemable, they are just cleared when a player 'logs off'. The operating mode is set by the management of the establishment through a menu choice option.

    If the game is operating in one of the redemption modes, then the following applies:

    Gambling requires, in addition to a consideration (entry fee) and prize, an element of chance. There is no element of chance in successfully playing BogusTrivia. A skillful and knowledgeable player can win 100% of the time, versus a player selecting answers randomly and winning 1 in 5 times. Clearly, this is a game of skill and not a game of chance. In addition, no 'consideration' is required prior to playing the BogusTrivia Game. All elements of a question/answer are presented to the player before any coin or credit is used to make a selection.

    BogusTrivia was submitted to GLI (Gaming Laboratories International, the testing lab that most state lotteries, casinos and Indian tribes use to evaluate and certify their gambling equipment) for testing and evaluation - Although GLI cannot certify a product as 'legal', they did confirm our statements that it is a 'contest of skill', not a game of chance. If pool tables, dart boards or other skill games are permitted in your area, then BogusTrivia is too!

    BogusTrivia is so unique there is 1 US patent issued and 3 more US Patents pending on the game system and operating parameters.

  14. What about tournament play?
    "Trivia Nights" or "Trivia Tournaments" are a popular way of boosting food and beverage receipts during slow times. BogusTrivia can easily be programmed to automatically start a tournament at any time. The locaton can easily set up a quickie 10-question tournament for the lunch crowd and longer tournaments for evenings and weekends. Considering that hiring a 'trivia host' can cost $75 to $100 for an evening, the BogusTrivia Tournament mode can pay for the system just in these savings, while still producing revenue 24/7 in normal mode.

  15. Does BogusTrivia provide any advertising revenue?
    BogusTrivia has 120 advertising slots available to use for promoting food and drink specials. Ads advance once per game cycle. The spots the location doesn't use can be sold to local businesses and provide additional revenue. The ads can be programmed for day / time of viewing so daily specials, etc. will display as appropriate.

  16. What comes with the BogusTrivia game system?
    The 'Starter' system comes complete with 4 player terminals, a Host Controller (A Dell or similar laptop computer) and all necessary cabling and accessories to put it into play. You supply a suitable television set for the display. (You probably already have a television in your location that's not doing anything, right?) Just plug the components together, connect the S-video cable from the BogusTrivia host to your television set, power up the system and you're in business!

  17. How secure are the player terminals?
    The player terminals are housed in an attractive, powder coated heavy gauge locking steel box. Holes are provided to bolt the terminals to a tabletop or wall-mount them. We strongly recommend bolting the terminals to something solid - after all, they contain your money in the cash can! The supplied locks are 'Ace' style tubular locks and are all keyed alike. We also recommend that you substitute your locks for the ones we supply. Replacement locks are readily available from coin machine suppliers like Wico.

  18. What if I want more than a 4-player system?
    You may add player terminals at any time, up to a maximum of 16 per host controller. The more terminals in service,the more profit potential in the system.

  19. How much does a BogusTrivia System cost?
    The MSRP of a 'starter' BogusTrivia system of 4 player terminals, a host controller and all cabling is $6,500.00 . If you amortize that out over a year, it's about $125 a week. That's less than the cost of many of the national trivia suppliers, and our system makes you money every time it's played! We are currently offering systems at a 'Special Introductory Price" that is too low to post here. Call us for details!

  20. Are there any additional costs?
    You supply the television set for the BogusTrivia display. You may also need additional USB cables, USB repeaters or USB hubs if cable runs to the terminals exceed the USB 2.0 maximum of 5 meters (16 feet). Question database updates will be available at nominal cost to keep the question pool fresh and interesting.

  21. Can I Submit Questions and Answers to your database?
    We are constantly updating the BogusTrivia question database. Before submitting new questions, please contact us to determine our current requirements.

  22. Does BogusTrivia require an Internet or phone connection?
    No, the system is completely self-contained.

  23. Tell me about your product safety and government regulatory compliance issues.
    The BogusTrivia terminals have been tested and verified to comply with FCC Part 15 'unintended radiator' standards and are classified as a 'Class A Computer Device". The BogusTrivia terminals have been safety-tested by ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories - a "Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory" per OSHA standards) and are listed by ETL. This satisfies all US jurisdictions for installation of electrical/electronic equipment. Our system uses a commercially available laptop computer as the host/controller. We currently supply Dell computers which are separately rated for FCC and safety compliance.

BogusTrivia from Abiqua International - P.O. Box 1130 - Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362 - Phone 503-873-4181